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This Just In! Frankford Cantilevers Now In Stock

We are excited to report that Frankford Cantilevers are back in stock! Made in the USA, these 11-foot commercial-grade masterpieces of manufacturing will surely impress your neighbors and make your in-laws jealous. Just watch how easy it is to tilt--

Still not convinced you need the Frankford cantilever in your life? Check out these features from the company's website:

  • Full 360°rotation, combined with the Infinity Tilt system, allows for countless tilt angles, providing hours of maximum shade regardless of the position of the sun

  • The crank lift is built for commercial use, yet designed for smooth and effortless operation in any environment

  • The mast and all critical joints are extruded aluminum, ensuring unmatched strength and durability

  • Engineered to withstand 25 MPH winds. Included wind stabilizer kit increases by 5 MPH

  • Stainless steel hardware throughout

  • Multiple mounting options are available, either permanent or semi-permanent, for installation on any surface

Stop in today for a demonstration!

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