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Outdoor Living 2022 Preview

Did you know your favorite patio furniture companies are already looking towards summer 2022?! It seems it is truly never too early to get started. This week, Patio Experts Barb and Emily attended the casual living market, an annual preview for industry professionals. We had a wonderful time, and came back ready to jump in to next summer.

No trip to the casual living market would be complete without stopping at the Doughnut Vault, Chicago's absolute best kept secret. This vanilla chocolate swirl glazed treat was larger than life--just look at it next to my hand!--and got my day off to a great start.

We saw everything. From the gorgeous displays to the unique combinations of texture and color, the day was full of new ideas and inspiration. We got to speak with designers, fellow patio furniture retailers, and representatives of the companies we work with.

One of the best parts of the Casual Market is getting to see new fabrics for next year. As many of our customers know, getting fabric this year has been tough. Fortunately, the companies we partner with have been working hard to find more suppliers. We are excited to see all the new and gorgeous fabric options coming up. (Hot tip! When you special order, make sure to ask to see next year's fabrics. While they aren't available just yet, they probably will be by the time your pieces are in production.)

It was exciting to see what color combinations are "in" for next year as well. Of course the classics are still classic--taupe and neutral tones are here for the long haul. Meanwhile, our partner companies have been busy designing some new and exciting pigments for frame finishes. Telescope Casual will introduce a gorgeous burgundy option into their marine grade casual lineup, making a perfect accent to their current warm gray.

New matte frame finishes in neutral shades are sure to freshen up your patio, while mixing green and white creates a look reminiscent of a much-needed getaway to Door County.

Black, white, and gray used together offer easy elegance without being "boring." These colors are neutral and almost guaranteed to coordinate with your patio. If you are going for a chic look, you really can't go wrong. At Patio Place we love white, black, and gray in combination, so we were excited to see this gorgeous grouping peppered throughout every showroom.

In all, we had a wonderful time at the casual living market's preview for 2022, and we learned so much. Every year this experience is invaluable for us to learn new things, see what pieces will be introduced next year, and most importantly--to sit in everything so we know what's comfortable!

If you are thinking about ordering for next year, now is certainly a good time. Lead times are still at about 20 weeks and aren't getting any shorter. Come in and talk to us about what's new for next year! See you soon!

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