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Meet Our Vendors: Woodard

The Company

Built to out comfort and overlast, Woodard luxury outdoor furniture is hand crafted to the highest standard. Enjoy the sun, the shade and the seasons for years to come. This company is over 150 years old and it wouldn't surprise us if you found a few pieces that matched that.

Made in the USA

For over 150 years, Woodard products have been handcrafted and assembled right here in the USA. The pride, the labor and the number of hands that touch each piece are rarely ever seen by the outside.

From raw steel shipments to forming, welding, sanding, painting, fabrics, finishing, quality control and shipping, the men and women of Woodard’s factory floor handcraft each piece of iron and aluminum furniture. And they do it with the attention to detail and the rugged durability that our customers have come to expect. And they do it so the piece you purchase tomorrow will be there well into the future.

Why We Love Them

When it comes to customizing your furniture, Woodard has the competition beat. With 24 finish options, 95 collections, and personalized touches like cord and trim, there is no other company that allows our customers the same level of customization. And, they do it all here in the Midwest in Owosso, Michigan!

In addition to offering tons of options, Woodard furniture is built to last. It is not unusual for our customers to come in to replace 20-year-old Woodard cushions that are juuussttt beginning to fade. It is equally common for customers to ask if we can order pieces to match furniture they have inherited, and we are delighted to tell them we can! Take the Briarwood collection for example. These wrought iron pieces are a classic. In 2021 alone, three separate customers came in looking to add to their vintage Briarwood sets, which their parents gave them! How wonderful that such an old set can still offer so much enjoyment today--that is the value of Woodard!


Woodard offers extruded aluminum, cast aluminum, wrought iron, and vinyl wicker. Their aluminum and iron are powder coated to last a lifetime, and the vinyl wicker is UV-treated to prevent fading. Any material you choose, you really can't go wrong.

When it comes to cushions, Woodard offers the best in outdoor performance fabrics--Sunbrella, Bliss, and Tempotest to name a few. The comfort and beauty they offer will brighten your patio and create an incredible outdoor space.

At Patio Place, we have worked hard to make sure we can show our customers the full spectrum of Woodard's offerings, including aluminum, iron, and wicker, as well as many different fabrics. Stop by today and find your "forever" set!

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