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Meet Our Vendors: Lloyd Flanders

Lloyd Flanders has been synonymous with premium outdoor furniture for more than 100 years, and their reputation is demonstrated in every piece they craft today. At Patio Place we carefully select our partners to provide the highest quality outdoor furniture possible. We are proud to work with Lloyd Flanders for the beauty, durability, and great warranty they offer!

In 1917, Marshall B. Lloyd patented a process of weaving cellulose strands into wicker fabric. Lloyd Flanders has advanced the original technology producing a continuous strand that will not burr, crack, or peel resulting in a consistently smooth weave.

Each strand in the fabric’s warp is constructed of twisted cellulose fibers immersed in glue to prevent unraveling. In the weft, the strands are reinforced with aluminum wire for added strength and resilience. Following the weaving process, the wicker is completely submerged in a resin emulsion and baked to form a flexible coating which provides additional protection from moisture. The wicker is then contoured over a sturdy aluminum frame and is completed with our special Durium finish ensuring years of use. This innovative manufacturing process allows Lloyd Flanders to produce wicker furniture that is both versatile and durable. Coupled with upscale design and stylish comfort, it has quickly become the most sought-after all weather wicker furniture available today.

Caring For Lloyd Loom Casual Furniture

Lloyd Flanders All Weather Wicker will remain beautiful with minimal care and maintenance. Regularly, vacuum the wicker and cushions with a soft brush or upholstery tool to remove organic material and surface soil. If they do become soiled, both the frame and the wicker can be washed with a mild detergent and water. Please use a wet sponge or soft brush to clean the soil from the surface. Rinse with clear water and dry thoroughly before use. As with any fine outdoor furniture, timely care of the paint finish is necessary to protect the furniture from the elements and preserve its strength an beauty. If the wicker finish becomes worn, carefully clean and dry the affected area. Repaint with Lloyd Flanders touch-up paint. Allow to dry thoroughly before use. If the finish on the frame becomes scratched or chipped, first, lightly sand the problem area with fine grit sandpaper. Clean and dry the area, then use Lloyd Flanders touch-up paint.

Caring For Lloyd Flanders Woven Vinyl Casual Furniture

Lloyd Flanders uses only premium Polyethylene woven materials for our luxury outdoor furniture. While this material is designed to endure the outdoor environment, it is beneficial to make sure the product is cleaned and maintained for your ultimate satisfaction. Vacuum or use a soft brush on woven material and cushions to remove organic material and loosen surface soil. Wash with a mild detergent and clean water solution to remove soil. Rinse and allow to dry thoroughly before use.

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