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Caring for Your Outdoor Furniture

-Store in garage or basement. -Clean all metal parts with any liquid auto wash & wax, or a paste wax. Should be done in spring & fall. -Cushions can be cleaned with a mild soap (ivory liquid) and a damp cloth. Try to wipe up spills quickly. Works on umbrella fabric as well. Never store damp cushions. -Close umbrellas when not in use or when high winds are in the forecast. -Remember, protective covers will keep furniture looking great and add longevity to your set. -Touch up with paint from your furniture manufacturer when needed. We carry many in stock, or can order those you need.

-Wicker: Follow manufacturer's guidelines.

-Marble/Slate: Clean surface with mild detergent or stone cleaner. Do not use acid, cleaners, or abrasives. Seal 2x year. We carry a high quality sealer. Store inside during off season or cover. Use a ball under your cover to keep moisture off top.

A Final Note: Don't turn furniture upside down to store outside. Water damage may occur during freezing temperatures. Be sure there is no water when you put in storage.

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